Canopies and terraces


Glass canopy is the perfect choice to maintain the integrity of the building style and lightness of the facade, because glass constructions are minimalist, does not obscure others constructions. For production of canopies are using toughened laminated glass, which may be transparent, opaque or tinted. The use of glass creates a reliable, durable, safe construction, since glass, unlike plastic, and even the influence of environmental factors remain unchanged for his entire life.

Glass outdoor terraces protect the lounge from wind, dust, leaves and insects. Glass roofs for terraces let in light and retain rain.


The glazing of the terraces allows you to enjoy the terrace from early spring to late autumn. The construction of the glass terrace is the most transparent to light and can be fully folded - when the glass sections are folded, the outdoor terrace becomes fully or partially open. Strong tempered glass is used for glazing terraces.


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