Shower walls and cabins

Customers in Lithuania bolder choose shower cabins of non traditional installation. Glass shower without tray or frameless constructions shower is the ideal solution for small bathrooms, which allows to create modern minimalist or modern industrial bathroom interior. This solution does not obscure, gives lightness, purity, a sense of space. Innovation technologies ensure that doors of glass shower will not require constant cleaning: doors have protection against dirt and water sediments. 

The door mechanisms are created so that they are very easy to care. The proper selection for shower doors will allow the most convenient use of the available space of the bathroom.

Newest trends dictate easily transparent glass shower cabins with opening doors or sliding doors. Shower model become fragile glass cube or rectangle in any bigger space place. For economy space in a bathroom the shower cabin is separate by thin glass wall-door. For comfort we offer to choose sliding doors. It will save space area.

What is your preferred option? We will implement it in your home!

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