Frameless glass constructions


Using modern glass treatment possibilities, supplying frameless glass constructions in residential interior is rapidly increasing. Frameless glass constructions are also very popular in administrative and commercial objects. All around the world glass is appreciated and associated with lightness, transparency and modernity. Glass is also excellently combined with other materials. Frameless glass partition walls can be original and stylish way visually enlarge a room space.

When arranging new home customers 
are interested how it is possible to separate spaces by glass partitions, for example kitchen and living room or sleeping room and bathroom. This is an innovative and stylish way, which can make visually more spacious even the smallest flat.

Glass constructions also dominates in office interiors for many years. It is especially important in big spaces, when many people are working together in the same room. Glass partition is the best solution in such cases because of convenience and practicality. Glass partitions in offices create a more favorable working atmosphere and they do not diminish the space. Meanwhile the separation of different zones preserves the overall impression of space.

Glass is durable and reliable material, and partitions made of toughened glass are safe and durable. This glass is resistant to impact, scratch or other damage. Also it is easy and very simple to maintenance glass partitions because it creates a neat, hygienic and aesthetic work environment.

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